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It's ALL ABOUT ME...for now at least

One rule that's helped Honey and I have a happy marriage is limiting the time wasting, back and forth typical argument that doesn't resolve anything. There was a time early in our marriage where we argued about almost everything, and surprisingly it was often about the same topics. Then one day I sat and dissected our last three arguments to see were we were going wrong. I realized too many issues were brought up at one time to efficiently deal with. So we made a rule. If one of us has a concern or issue with the other, we set a time to talk about it. But the catch is, who ever calls the meeting has the floor. They can address one issue they have with the other person. But, the other person can not bring up any problem they are having with the spouse who called the meeting. This allows couples to actually solve real problems that affecting the marriage. For us, this eliminated the back and forth and stopped arguments before they start.

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